Fantastic Popular Movies For Download To Zune

Zune Movie DownloadsIf you check around this site you find links to a huge amount of legal free downloads for Zune – movies, videos and music in particular. But its a while since we have found a really good site for Zune Movie Downloads. Well, the drought has broken – because we have fantastic movie download site for you with an equally fantastic range of movies: from Avatar to Transformers, from the Bourne Ultimatum to Pirates of the Caribbean – there is a huge range of quality movies we can download to our Zune!

There is an upfront membership fee of a mere $30  – but that’s it! then all those movies are ours muaw ha ha ha!

I know, because I’ve already joined and am loving it! I found it easy to join and use – so don’t let the fact that you haven’t belonged to a membership site before put you off.

Zune Movie Downloads

And for all those newbie Zune lovers that have just joined the Zune family at Christmas – this is your lucky day. Go check out the site and see what I mean. Its the best site I’ve seen in a very long time for movies  that can be downloaded to our Zune.


WowZune Christmas List Revealed

We know how it is – Christmas is closing fast and you FORGOT to send that important someone their Christmas gift and now you are stuck!

Worst still, you haven’t even bought them a gift yet and just cannot think what to get.

Fear not – we are here to help you! Just check out out list of great-things-to-give-for-Christmas below. PLUS we provide a link to where you can buy it ONLINE, plus it WILL be delivered on time!!! (I know we are terrific):

As you can see we are recommending the Windows Phone 7 as the ultimate gift for this Christmas.  Just to put your mind at rest we also recommend you check out the Engadget review – which is pretty thorough (perhaps with more information than you could ever want).

PS – check out our next post for lots of free MP3’s to download to your new device (or to give with the new device you are giving)


Warm Up Your Zune – The Latin Grammy Awards 2010 Are Nearly Here!

Each year on WowZune we remind our readers when the Latin Grammy’s are about to be held. This is a fantastic music event with huge glamor and talent on display. Here are a couple of videos of the performers at last years 10th annual event:

The first one features  Laura Pausini at the  Latin Grammy 2009 performance – how glamorous is this!


This second video shows some of the closing ceremony – and again the glamor, movement and color of this event!


The event is staged and managed by the Latin Recording Academy, and will be held this year at  the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas on November 11, 201. The nominations were announced recently at the 11th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards nominations press conference held at the Avalon in Hollywood.You can see the nominations as presented at the press conference  – presented in both Latin and English – on the LatinGrammy site.

There are bound to be quite a few YouTube videos of the event – but as they get taken down  almost as fast as they are uploaded to YouTube (LatinGrammy seem quite determined to be the sole source of media on the event) you are going to have to keep a close eye out to enjoy watching them before they are gone again!


Welcome To Free Zune Downloads – Wow!

So we have come up with some great free Music downloads  for you. You will pay NOTHING at all for them. All up, you can get 35 free MP3s  – all YOUR choice, and from all the best and most popular songs (AND they come with no DRM!!)

Zune Music

Be warned, though – you must cancel your free membership before it ends if decide you do not want to be converted to paid membership. You need to follow the links we provide to get the max number of free downloads and to know where to go to cancel once you have your free MP3s – if you want to..

Super Cool site: Easy to join, easy to use and easy to cancel your free membership. Get 25  – no, NOW 35! FREE Zune® compatible downloads(and you have 7 days to download them and they are DMR free) You can cancel your subscription any time by going to your account page. Any problems and you can contact them here. We recommend that you join all of these sites (did we mention its free?), to get the maximum number of free downloads!

Watch Avatar on ZuneWe have been  checking out a free Zune video source, and have found some great free movie downloads for you to watch on your zune. All up, you can get 100 free top-rated movies like Avatar, The Titanic, Sherlock Holmes, Spiderman … and other movies of this great quality.

Again its super easy to join and you get access for three months (or even longer!) You can also easily cancel your subscription – in this case you have an unbelievable 70 days to do it.

Un-be-lievably good find from us at wowzune!


Download Free Zune Movies!

Whilst Microsoft is gearing up to take over the music and movie sales world (providing music and movie downloads through Zune marketplace – for a price3, of course) we want to show you how you can get movies on your Zune for free!

iPod free Movies

Now, the Zune is basically just a viewing and listening device, right? – so why should we pay for yet another version of a movie we already have, just so we can watch it on our Zune?

We went looking for a solution! And we found one! Yeah, we know, we are great! Just follow our easy 2 steps to get free movies on your Zune:

1.You will need this great, super simple, FREE  bit of software called DVD43.  It sits quietly on your PC unlocking DVDs in the background, so that they can be converted and transferred to our Zune! (Rest assure,  it does nothing to the DVD, itself, just unlocks the code as it plays so that it can be “read”). It takes mere moments to download this small bit  of software.

2) Get Transfer My Video software. DVD43 allows us to now use TransferMyVideo to convert all our DVDs to play on our Zune! Which brings us to our second great find – we found a place where you can get TransferMy Video at a 15% of discount Check it out by following this link.

3) Start downloading free videos to your Zune. Our easy-to-follow instructions have already been detailed in a previous post.

This simple, three atep process means   Super cool, FREE, great Movies on our Zune! (friends got any movies you’ve been wanting to watch?)


5 Hot Free Songs For Your Zune!

Check out these 5 great free music pieces for Zune. There is a great selection to please all taste! Most can be just downloaded – a couple ask for you to provide your email address to get the free music to play on your Zune. And one has gone all social media on us and asks us to do a tweet in return fo0r the free music. Which is super smart and totally worth it.

We have provided some music videos as well – check them out to see which songs appeal.

1) We have a great freebie from the hot band –  Black Country Communion. You can watch this great piece of music in the video below – they are performing their hit single “One Last Soul” Link to the free Zune music, is below the video.


And here is the link to the free download for the single. The track was taken from the Black Country Communion Album: “One Last Soul”

2) The second band is Bars Of Gold who are giving away The Hussle from their full-length debut: Of Gold.

3) The band Broken Records is also giving away a free song – A Leaving Song – as a promo for their new album. The album is called Let Me Come Home.

4) Here is a free single from the long established band – The Melvins – who are still leading the way as innovators and creators of great music. The song is called Electric Flower and is from the album The Bride Screamed Murder.

5) For an even hotter band – and for those who love the “angry rock” sound –  get the latest free MP3 from All That Remains. Its from their new album “For We Are Many” and is called For We Are Many


Enjoy this great free music for your Zune – and don’t forget to share this great find with your friends!


Best Free Animated Music Videos For Zune

WowZune has done a search for the coolest animated music videos currently on offer from around the web. We selected the ones we liked the best from the sites we liked the best (great range of videos and great music and animation). The top three animated music videos we selected are:

From the first site we selected the following cute animation:


Very different, but with impressive music and animation, is this video we selected from this forum where users posted their favorite animated music video (today!):


Our third site has a great selection of the best youtube videos. Just enter “animated music videos” into the search bar (including the quotes) to get a great selection.


Finally, we had to include perhaps the best music animation ever produced from  Beauty and the Beast (yes even better than that penguin dance thing!):


With over 3million views for just thoe official Celene Dion version, we think we are right to claim it as one of the best!

If you don’t know how to watch videos on your Zune for free, then check out our previous posts that explain how to do this, here and here.

If you think you know where a better selection of animated  music videos can be found, then tell us all about it in the comments section below.


Free Music For Zune HDs – Sweet and Secret!

 Lunapic-124172125254169_2_Most people are familiar with AudioBoo – its a great site for recording, or uploading audio to. So it tends to be popular with people who do podcasting. And when you go to the site and have a look around – well, its obvious that podcasters use it – a LOT!

But – if you know how and where to look – there is gold in them thar hills! Because some real talented musicians have also uploaded their music to AudioBoo – and all you need to enjoy their music on your Zune is:

1) access to a browser (this the need for the Zune HD)

2) Join AudioBoo  (its free and easy)

Here is a sample of what we found:  –

The sweet music from The Russell Thomas Agenda – Concrete Jungle. More of his music can be found at his Russell Thomas AudioBoo page… (but you need to be an AudioBoo member for the link to take you there)


and from sweetgabby60 comes this Reggae piece –Reggae 2


And for a bit of variety, check out AgentX:


We found this music by putting in “reggae” into the search bar. That easy!

Don’t forget to share your great new “secret” with your BFFs.


Reggae Music Festival Music For Zune Lovers

If you are a fan of Reggae music, then you will appreciate the heads up that the 2010 Digital Reggae Festival Guide will be available from next week.

The guide is in its 16th year of production – so there is not much that the producers of the guide don’t know about Reggae festivals around the USA and even other countries from around the globe.

And if you are a fan of Reggae, then here is a free MP3 that you will love to download to your Zune:

Ecos de Radio Iguana from Ya Foy! by Sarazino.

While we are at it – here are some other cool free music downloads for your Zune:

1)  You Are Beautiful by The Washington Projects’

2) Free song from  Ellis Paul titled “Annalee,” a song from The Day After Everything Changed.

3)  Tokyo Police Club – Breakneck Speed for exclusive download. Check it out in the video as well:

Tokyo Police Club – Breakneck Speed


Don’t forget to pass on these great songs for your friends to enjoy as well.


Get Ten Free Songs For Your Zune From Starbucks!

Kissed It (feat. Velvet Revolver), Macy GrayStarbucks have just launched a promotion for its new brand Frappucinno  – and is giving away ten songs!

The songs include Macy Gray’s latest song – Kissed It – which can be listed to/previewed in iTunes.

There are also songs from other great bands, including: Hot Chip – “One Life Stand“; Goldfrapp – “Rocket“; Yoav – “Greed“; Frightened Rabbit – “Nothing Like You“; Shout Out Louds – “Walls“; Wintersleep – “New Inheritors“;  The Bamboos – “On The Sly“;  Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – “Bad Blood“;   Wye Oak – “My Creator“.

Hot Chip’s song is also a great choice for this Frappucinno Beverage Music Mix as you can see/hear in the vid:


To get the songs, just go to the iTunes store (if you do not yet have iTunes, you will have to download it and join), click on “redeem” (first choice under Quick Links in right side bar),  enter code, click redeem again and your downloads will start straight away.

If you don’t know how to download music from iTunes to your Zune, its all explained in a previous post on Wowzune.