Zune Games – How To Get Them!

You can get Zune games easily, and even for free. You just have to know how!

Is it just us, or do the folks over at Microsoft not have a clue about how to set up a marketplace? Well yes, we think they do (after all, its hard to not know about iTunes!) So there has to be some other explanation for their appallingly badly designed marketplace. And we think we've rumbled it.

They seem to be following the "I'm a doofus" marketing strategy (where the slick operator pretends to be a bumbling, likable clod – the opposite the the kind of pushy salesman we all despise (eg how Apple has behaved in 2008) – but IS in reality the shark we all despise) – otherwise known as "the hustler" maneuver.

How else to explain how a leading internet company could provide such a shamefully poor online marketplace!  

And its not just the Zune marketplace! Microsoft came up with the great idea to provide a Community Game platform so that developers can get their games tested, reviewed and in front of Xbox (and to a lesses extent) Zune gamers faster and more cheaply. But….

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Whilst the Community Game site no doubt is easy for game developers to follow, the same cannot be said for the average Zuner who might be interested in getting a game. Explanations like:

To download a Community Game, navigate to the Games Marketplace channel and enter the Xbox Live Marketplace. Once inside the Marketplace, navigate to the Community Games channel, and select your preferred method for browsing available titles.

Notice they do not provide any links for us to make it easy to get there! And then there the instruction they provide so that we can start programming games for our Zune, which they start with an encouraging:

All you need is the XNA Game Studio 3.0 CTP and any model of the Zune media device

And follow with Three pages of instructions!! All of this is a ploy to show us that we can have games, to get us to the game marketplace and to buy buy BUY,  – because the alternative look so forbidding.

Well, we can do better – as Wowzune has written about elsewhere! But if you would like to try getting some free games for yourself, here is a great video tutorial on how to go about it:


And the follow up tutorial is also worth watching:


If you decide to have a go at this method, do let us all know how you go with it. 


Zune Music Downloads

By: Thomas Martin

Hi my name is Thomas, here I lists several solutions to get music, video, movies, audio books playable on Microsoft Zune player, including download music and videos from Zune Marketplace and another cheaper resource that has just launched.

1. Transfer music/videos to your Zune directly with your Zune software

Of course Zune software can import your existing files, including your video and music from apple iTunes and Windows Media Player, and get them work on your Zune. The Zune supports videos in MP4 (MPEG-4), WMV, H.264 up to 320×240 and audio files in unprotected MP3, AAC, WMA ( up to 320Kbps, 48KHz)

2. Rip your CD to Zune

The Zune software will not only manage and view your movies, songs, edit album and track information, but also supports ripping your audio CDs. Everyone has favorite CDs and of course wants to listen to it on his / her Zune. How to do it? Just rip your CD to WMA, MP3 or AAC file formats. After that transfer them to your Zune.

3. Purchase movies and songs from Zune Marketplace

To get a Zune pass you will need to subscribe and pay a flat $14.99 per month for unlimited downloads. Individual downloads are another option as well.

1) Subscribe
* Sign up for a free Zune account.
* Download as many tracks or albums as you like, and sync to your Zune.

2) Individual download
* Sign up for a free Zune account.
* 79 Microsoft Points per track (about 99 cents). Buy e.g. 4000 Microsoft Points’ for $50. (Pay by credit card or biy a points card at participating retail stores.

About Microsoft Points: It is a universal system that works across borders, including Xbox Live Marketplace. and Zune Marketplace.

I do not like the fact of paying per download not paying a flat monthly fee. Alternative Zune download sites are popping up everywhere. Once I like most so far is Zune Reactor: Get Your Zune Reactor UNLIMITED ACCESS PASS before they are all gone. Their launch quantities are limited!

– This Product for the Microsoft Zune is Not Available in Retail Stores –

Download as many songs, HD-quality movies and TV shows as you want, plus get unlimited access to all the latest Zune downloads as soon as they are released. With Zune Reactor, all the best content for your Zune will be just a click away. Get an unlimited access pass and you can start downloading music, videos, pictures, and more for your Zune in just a few minutes – plus, all your downloads are yours to keep.

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Find Your Tune with Zune Software

By: Paul Colligan

Apple iPod users have iTunes, and Microsoft Zune users have Zune software. Zune software is the hub through which users of the digital media player can find millions of songs, videos and pictures to download, use and share with friends.

Zune software is a program that is downloaded to the computer, much like iTunes. Users must have Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista in order to download and use the software.

Once the Zune software is downloaded, you can use it to organize and play your current audio and video files, as well as ripping your CDs into a format that Zune can play. You can create playlists and edit song information.

Using the Zune Marketplace you can find new artists and old favorites, buy and download songs and load up your Zune player. Buy songs individually or by the album, or get a Zune Pass to download unlimited songs each month.

Zune software lets you organize your library of tunes and videos just the way you want it, then you can easily sync up the program with your Zune and load all your favorites onto your player.

One of the really cool things about Zune is that it also works on the Xbox 360, so you can stream audio and video with your Xbox, access your music and video through the Xbox, and even listen to music from your Zune while you’re playing games on the Xbox.

Zune will really change the way you think about entertainment and using music in your life. Zune software makes it easy to find your favorites, organize them in a way that makes sense to you, play them back however you like and share them with your friends.

Better yet, the Zune software doesn’t limit you to music and videos you have to buy direct from Microsoft. It helps you to rip your own CDs so that your whole music collection can be Zune friendly. And since the machine will hold about 7,500 songs, you can probably get most of your collection on your Zune so you can listen to whatever you’re in the mood for at the touch of a button. And if your videos aren’t already in a format your Zune can read, the software automatically reformats them, making it easy to view videos from a multitude of sources.

Zune software gives users the flexibility to use their music and videos the way they want, to control their playlists and rearrange their songs however they want. Zune software is easy to use but gives you a lot of power and control over what your Zune experience is going to be like.

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