Zune HD Apps Opportunities May Mean Lots of Games

The Zune HD has only been released a week and already a game developer has demoed a new game for it! The smart guys over at Foundation42 used a game they are already developing for the iPhone and developed a Zune HD App version. It looks pretty cool – check out the video they made. Be patient they show it on several platforms – Zune HD is the second one!

Now the problem is that Microsoft apparently have not set up a way for game developers to make their games available on the Zune HD. So getting this game is not gonna be so easy!

We can see it works fine on the Zune HD- and looks to be a way better game than the ones we reviewed in our last post. And we don’t have to watch an ad before we play it!

It will be interesting to see how game developers work their way around the current limitation. These are a very ingenious bunch of people and we are betting that they will work out a way to develop  games for the Zune HD – and for us to be able to download  them!!

This is a great start fellas – bring it on!


New Zune Apps and Free Zune Game Downloads

Well, readers of this blog know that we are not tech geeks but just Zune lovers that spend our time finding quality free Zune downloads – Muisc, Movies, TV Shows, eBooks, and games, for our readers. So, when we take a look at the new Zune HD, we are really only interested in it as a user – and not a tech geek. There are plently of tech reviews out there on the web, anyway!

As a user, three things in particular capture our interest, now that the Zune HD has been released (other than the features already discussed in a previous post).

First – we love the cool colors! The pic says it all!

Second – We love that free games that have been included. The 8 free games are: Chess,  Goo Splat, Hexic, Sudoku, Space Battle 3, Shell Game, Of the Future, and Texas Hold ‘Em. You can have a look at some of them in the following Video. They are not that exciting, to be honest. Nothing like the free games that were released for theiPhone last Septemebr, that’s for sure:[youtube][/youtube]

Third observation – we don’t like the ads that we have to watch while the game loads. Its not that they are a big pain. Its just that we don’t like being taken advantage of. It kind of feels like the free game are just bait being used by advertisers. Much as we object to the aggressive way Apple operates, at least their free games (and there are hundreds of them) don’t have ads!!

Finally, we reckon the price is great. We get a lot for our money, and the promise is that there are a lot of great Zune apps to come. We will keep you posted.